In Round 3 we will be trialling a Father and Son/Daughter class, it will essentially be a fun class with much bragging rights and the potential to win based on the size of your……wallet
To enable the class to go ahead we will offer a subsidized rate:
Total cost to ride is $80.00 which includes One Event Licence, Club Membership, Transponder.
WARP Traffic Management has come on board to sponsor this class and enable the discounts Thank you!!
Obviously, there will be speed/skill deficits and advantages across the class so we offer the solution of BUYING TIME!!
For $5.00 you can buy a minute off each lap BUT should you podium from your ample bank account you will pay $10.00 per lap. All funds raised through this roughshod money grab will be donated to a local Brookton fundraiser.
You will not be eligible to bribe the timing officials should any rider in your team be graded Expert or in a past life have been graded Expert or A or B Graded Motocrosser.
You can buy time up to Sunday Start then the bribery ends