2017 sees a new innovation in event timing come to the Manjimup 15,000 event.

This year we will be using the RFID Chip a disposable chip x 3 that is placed on your bike and picked up by low frequency Transponders.

This software is the latest in cutting edge sports timing technology and enables us to provide live timing and results on demand to competitors via live screens and live trackers.


BlueChip uses SQL server timing software developed within Australia to track the status of every competitor live.  This enables us to output many different protocols for the benefit of the competitor, family and friends and the event.  Here is a summary of what we can do:

  • Split times, positions, Finish times all recorded live
  • Any changes needed to be made to the database (the race file) are updated when we calculate the results
  • Live results capture and reporting means we provide screens for competitors, family and friends to check results on demand, push results to web, provide statistics on how many are where, inform the event on who is yet to finish, the list goes on.


This is a web based app for your mobile phone.  BlueChip provides the link to the event organiser to promote on their website.

Simply copy the URL into your browser on your smartphone, open it up prior to race day to search for people of interest to you and add them each into the tracker.  Then on race day have the browser open and let it auto refresh every 30 seconds to keep you up to date with all the results.

Not only is this product perfect for competitors to see how they performed on the day at the race venue, family and friends either at the event or anywhere in the world can dial in, search for those of interest and add into their tracker.

The app can either present a live updating tracker with multiple competitors listed, showing time of day they pass through any timing point and split time, as well as a results tab with an updating leaderboard in each category.

Click on a particular competitor in the results tab to bring up more results information