Hot Cold Windy Dusty Exciting New Fun

The weekend had a bit of everything for an inaugural event. As promised the track was changed overnight to ensure there was variety for the riders we delivered and the feedback was so positive. Already a few things have been changed in anticipation of the next TNT in September keep your eyes out for that one.

Our ride up podium was a winner and our esteemed commentator Jarrod MacLean from J-Mac Media spoke with the lead rider after every race, what great information and insight we received from the riders, the professional manner in which they spoke was so inspiring, we got to celebrate the riders on so many occasions on this weekend.

The Endurocross was a crowd pleaser, what a show!!! The talent of these riders is incredible and the showmanship was lifted to new heights with the roar of the spectators.  It was an action-packed fun filled night; I think everyone has a story to tell after this event.

The support that we received from our sponsors is phenomenal; having Yamaha bLU cRU on board gave the event a great energy, the Yamaha Dealers and Teams displayed themselves as the ultimate professionals they are known to be, a sea of blue it was awesome and that new 65cc machine what a beauty, plenty of interest in the new flagship bike for Yamaha only 5 in the country and we had one at our event seen a lot of interest from some young riders and their parents, look out 65cc class there is a new competitor in town.

APH Contractors without them we really wouldn’t have the capacity to put this event on, their support is legendary, look them up for your next project show them some support from those that they support.

WA Ride Park how exciting that they get to house this track and offer it up to riders in the future, we are jealous of them getting to hang out with riders and bike enthusiasts on a much regular basis than us, Thank you so much for bringing this to fruition.  No doubt it wouldn’t have happened without the massive help from John Staines and his family.

To support Motocross in WA helps our sport immensely as riders the best thing you can do is to support those that support you, a massive shout out to our jump and obstacle sponsors your support rocks!!

Yamaha Australia

APH Contractors

WA Ride Park


Perkins Builders

TT Auto Services

MJB Industries

Bunbury KTM Suzuki

Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling

Head Exchange

WA Asset

Talison Lithium


Endurowe Tech

Preston Power Equipment

Mototune Performance


My Truck Wash Express




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